Woggle-Bug - Score

Woggle-Bug - Score
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The Woggle-Bug

Complete Sheet Music from the 1905 Musical Comedy

Music by Frederic Chapin with Lyrics by L. Frank Baum

Additional lyrics by Arthur Gillespie - Introduction by David Maxine

8.5"x 11"- 108 Pages - Paperback

In 1905 L. Frank Baum tried to duplicate the success of his smash Broadway hit The Wizard of Oz. The result was The Woggle-Bug, one of Baum's biggest flops! Yet this fiasco of a show contained one of the finest scores ever written for an Oz musical.

The short life-span of The Woggle-Bug has caused the original sheet music to be very rare today. Only a handful of song sheets survive--several of them in only one known copy! Hungry Tiger Press takes great pride in having collected all of them for you in this handsome and affordable volume.

All of the Woggle-Bug music that is known to survive is here, including Paul Tietjens's "What Did the Woggle-Bug Say?". This truly Ozzy score deserves to be heard! From Mombi's song "Hobgoblins" to Tip's beautiful lullaby "The Sandman is Near," Frederic Chapin's melodies will be sure to enchant you.

This volume also contains a reprint of the original Woggle-Bug program book, contemporary reviews, articles, and photographs. Plus a generous appendix featuring several songs from Chapin's 1902 hit, The Storks, and an informative Foreword by David Maxine.


"Mr. Chapin, in The Woggle-bug, has written a score rich in melodic beauty and rhythmic charm--a score in many respects the best heard here since Victor Herbert's Babes in Toyland music came to us. There is fine talent in this young composer, and, if he continues as he has begun, Mr. Herbert and the other "best composers" will need look to their laurels."

-- Chicago Daily Tribune - June 19, 1905

Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E.
Sweet Matilda
"My Little Maid of Oz
The Hobgoblins
To the Victors Belongs the Spoils
The Household Brigade
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker Man
There's a Lady Bug a-Waitin' For Me
The Dolly and the Jumping Jack
The Equine Paradox
The Sandman is Near
What Did the Woggle-Bug Say?

Plus an Appendix of Material
from Chapin's 1902 Hit

Song of the Night
The Merry Mystic Man
The Cuckoo and the Pussy Cat
The Terrible Puppy Dog

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